Fun Facts About Portable Toilets
Portable Toilets Are More Fun Than You'd Think!


  • 45 billion gallons of fresh water are saved annually through the use of portable restrooms.
  • The first generation of modern portable toilets began appearing in the 1940’s, primarily in World War II, but it wasn’t until 1962 when George Harding patented the product.
  • Toilet paper wasn’t always available! Mass manufacturing of toilet paper didn’t begin until the late 1800’s.
  • But thank the Chinese it’s around at all. According to historic record, 1391 – during the reign of the Hongu emperor – is when the first sheets of toilet paper appeared.
  • Computer keyboard carry more than 200 TIMES as much bacteria as a toilet seat. Consider that the next time you think about “hovering.”
  • The first toilet in a row is often the least used and, therefore, the cleanest.
  • Formaldehyde used to be a key component of the blue liquid used in the tanks of portable toilets.
  • A typical presidential inauguration requires upwards of 2,500 portable toilets.
  • Americans use more water per day flushing the toilet than they do showering or any other activity.
  • What do you call a portable toilet? The names can vary wildly – including port-a-pot, port-a-loo, sanican, water closet, and comfort station.