Construction Job Sites Are Often A Number$ Game…

Reduce Labor Costs

Illinois Portable Toilets is the #1 provider of construction site porta potty rentals in Central IL. We make it easy to rent porta potties for construction sites and other job sites.

One portable toilet can save $6000 in annual work time. Whether residential or commercial, building sites require clean portable toilets in adequate numbers to save time, reduce labor costs, enhance health, and limit environmental impact.

At Illinois Portable Toilets, we have everything you need to get the job done – from a huge inventory of equipment to accompany our additional wastewater and solid waste removal services – in addition to specialty services. We make it easy to rent portable toilets for your construction site. Click the link below to schedule your rental!

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Generally speaking, one porta potty for a construction site will be enough for 10 workers on a standard 40/hr work week. Providing one portable restroom per ten workers will also reduce the chances that you’ll run out of toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

What you need to know before you rent a bathroom for your construction site:

    • Will you require flushing restrooms or just standard porta potties?
    • Will you need any specialty porta potties such as hook units, mobile restrooms, or high rise restrooms?
    • How many workers are going to be on site on a daily basis?
    • How many hours per day those workers will be on site?

Our Construction Porta Potty Rental Units

1. Standard Construction Porta Potty Unit

Info: A single-unit facility, with hand sanitizer. May be be used alone or in bulk and/or combined with other equipment such as handwash stations.

(Visit OUR UNITS for information on handicap units and handwash stations.)

Specs: 60-gallon waste capacity, interior lock, translucent roof for bright interior

2. “Sling” (or “Hi-Rise”) Construction Porta Potty Unit

Info: A special highly portable restroom that can be lifted via crane atop roofs or onto barges, ships and other hard-to-reach work sites

Specs: 1,000-lb. maximum weight capacity, rust-proof harness, lift individually

3. Trailer Unit (Single, Double, or Triple)

Info: Ideal to keep crews moving on highway or bridge construction, also key for field sanitation workers traveling between sites

Specs: Uses 2-inch ball hitch, tail lights included with trailer, ensures safe relocation

4. Water and Waste Systems

Info: This temporary restroom system serves to accommodate remote trailer facilities which have a toilet already installed but do not have water or waste hook up availability

Specs: Typical systems have 110 gal. water/225 waste capacity. Larger options available.

5. Dumpster or Rolloff Container

Info: Contact us for 10 yard, 20 yard, 30 yard, and storage containers for garbage, recyclables, and other non-hazardous solid waste.

Specs: 10 yd. (L: 10′, W: 8′, H: 3’5″), 20 yd. (L: 22′, W: 8′, H: 4′), 30 yd. (L: 22′, W: 8′, H: 5.5′)

Where to place your construction porta potty rental:

    • Somewhere safe: Don’t place your porta potty rental anywhere near walkways, driveways or main roads. Keep your porta potties behind concrete barriers.
    • Keep away from curbs: a porta potty too close to the edge of the curb might cause workers or pedestrians to trip and injure themselves. Doing so may also make it inconvenient to service the unit.
  • Somewhere visible: Pick a spot that will be easily accessible for the sanitation service trucks.
  • Somewhere well lit: try to place porta potties in a well lit area to deter would-be vandals. You can also place them behind locked fences or near security cameras.

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