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The biggest and best inventory

Illinois Portable Toilets has the best portable toilet rental business in Central IL for a good reason. We have the most extensive inventory, staff, and number of locations of any provider. Our fleet includes:

  • Premium porta potty rentals, American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant, and handicap restrooms across our locations nationwide
  • Units with hand wash stations
  • Service, pick-up, and delivery vehicles
  • Portable restroom trailers and shower trailers ranging from basic to elegant in many different sizes

We provide porta potties for:

Within our inventory, you have a wide variety of portable restroom solutions ranging from a standard restroom to a premium porta potty. Here is a comprehensive list of the best portable toilet rental solutions we provide:

  • Standard Porta Potty – The economical option that is simple and does the job.
  • Deluxe Porta Potty – A premium porta potty option with a spacious interior, anti-slip surfaces, interior shelving, a mirror, and coat hook provided.
  • Flushing Porta Potty – A porta-potty with the added comforts of a flushing toilet, a hidden waste tank, and a hands-free flushing sink.
  • ADA Porta Potty – An extra large porta potty to properly accommodate those with disabilities and special needs. Each unit has grab bars for extra support and an anti-slip surface to prevent falls.
  • Handicap Porta Potty – An extra wide entirely wheelchair accessible porta potty designed at ground level with grab bars attached to make entering, navigating, and transferring easier.


Our Standard Portable Toilet is our most economical individual restroom solution. It’s perfect for construction sites or small casual gatherings – and easy on your budget. It features a single toilet, urinal and hand sanitizer. This porta potty is gender neutral, but can be outfitted with Mens and Womens signage.

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Our Handicap Accessible and Handicap ADA Portable Toilets are the perfect accommodation for those who may require special facilities. These wheelchair accessible restrooms are larger size portable restroom facilities with extra safety features – such as grab bars – for the convenience and comfort of those who require added functionality and space.

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With 24 percent more interior floor space than other units in its class, our Deluxe Portable Toilet is great for those looking to add a touch of class. The corner tank allows room for a sink and non-splash urinal. The extra square footage allows for more space for parents with children, or construction workers with bulky or winter gear.

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Our Flushing Portable Toilet is the next evolution in temporary restrooms, with the added luxury of foot-operated flushing and washing. It is completely self-contained with a sleek, modern design perfect for a small, more upscale gathering or any site which requires a hand wash capability. Plus, you never have to look in the tank!

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Our Sling Portable Toilet is designed to make lifting more convenient. This unit features an attached sling harness that allows the temporary restroom to be craned to higher elevations for multi-story, bridge or more complex construction projects. It can also be transported onto water-based projects such as basin dreading or oil rig work.

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HANDWASH STATIONS (GAP-Compliant Units Availabe!)

Our Handwash Station is the ideal sanitary system for events where water is not readily available. It can be paired perfectly with restrooms that do not have hand washing capability at venues without running water and includes soap, paper towels and a foot-powered water pump! Ask about our attached, GAP-Compliant versions available for field sanitation!

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Our Multi-Basin Handwash Station is our largest portable sink and the increased fresh water and grey water capacity makes it great for larger events, such as long-term construction sites or multi-day festivals. It’s ideal for areas with multiple portable toilets and it’s multiple hands-free water dispensers are fantastic for families!

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Our Waste Tank and Water System is the perfect accessory to any work site, whether it’s an office trailer, food service trailer, tool crib, lunch room or something else! With an on-demand fresh water pump to circulate through the toilet and a waste tank our technicians install, this system is ideal for areas where indoor plumbing is unavailable.

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Our 16′ VIP Industrial Unit is an industrial grade restroom ideal for long-term construction sites. Its rugged design features Mens and Womens sides with fresh water sinks inside a temperature-controlled environment. An electrical connection and water source is all you need to have durable and reliable service for every application.

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